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Committed to creating new scholarship, visual literacy and critical intellectual context for contemporary art, ICA Miami sustains a robust research program through its exhibitions and institutional initiatives, such as the Art + Research Center and its ongoing publication of free e-books. Alongside enhancing the understanding of contemporary art practices, ICA Miami’s research initiatives take a broad and deep look at the social conditions in which contemporary art is produced, including problems related to social justice and climate instability. In this way, the institution provides a platform to engage in global conversations around the pressing issues that define our world, and connecting them to local urgencies.

Art + Research Center

Art + Research Center (A+RC) at ICA Miami
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami’s Art + Research Center (A+RC) is the museum’s research department and graduate-level initiative dedicated to fostering a more robust and critical dialogue in the South Florida region and beyond.


ICA Miami’s Channel positions artists at the center of the conversation, while expanding the museum’s reach to meet a growing global audience through monthly exhibition stories, interviews, public lectures, and more.


Publications at ICA Miami